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edit a .pdf

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It has an image export feature that allows users to convert images to PDF files and different image formatsHere’s how to use Preview to save a picture as a PDF: Double-click the image or right-click and select Open With > Preview

edit a .pdf

Select File on the menu bar (the top-right corner of your Mac’s screen) and select Export as PDFThe PDF file can have the same name as the original image fileIf you want, give the PDF file a different name in the “Save as” field

edit a .pdf

Afterward, select the Where drop-down icon to choose where you want to save the PDF file on your computerHow to Convert or Save a Picture as a PDF File Best way to store or share it PDF is one of the best formats for distributing media files

edit a .pdf

Sharing pictures in JPG or JPEG file format will reduce the image data and quality over time

Hence, storing images as PDFs is best, especially if you’ll share the image files multiple timesOn the "Printer Options" page that expands, you'll see a preview of your image (or, if you selected multiple images, a preview of the first image)

To view it as a PDF, place two fingers on the image preview and spread them away from one another—a reverse pinch motionThis opens the selected picture(s) in a PDF preview

If your iPhone has 3D Touch, you can press down on the preview to open it in a new window and then press down harder to open the PDF previewImage titled Convert Images to PDF Step 26 6 Tap the "Share" icon Image titled Iphoneblueshare2

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