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declaration of human rights pdf

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Because Acrobat sends page information about all visible pages, the assistive technology receives information about pages that may be only partially visible (such as the bottom of one page or the top of the next), as well as those pages that are completely visible

With the article thread open, do any of the following: To scroll through the article one pane at a time, press Enter or click in the articleTo scroll backward through the article one pane at a time, Shift-click in the article, or press Shift+Enter

declaration of human rights pdf

To go to the beginning of the article, Ctrl-click within the articleAt the end of the article, click in the article againThe previous page view is restored, and the pointer changes to the End Article pointer

declaration of human rights pdf

Exit a thread before the end of the article Make sure that the Hand tool is selectedShift+Ctrl-click the page

declaration of human rights pdf

The previous page view is restored

The initial view of the PDF depends on how its creator set the document propertiesNote: The Adobe Create PDF icon gets added to the supported browsers when you install Acrobat

If you’re unable to see the Create PDF icon, do the following: In Internet Explorer, choose View > Toolbars > Adobe Acrobat Create PDF ToolbarIn Firefox, choose Tools > Add-ons > Extensions, and then enable the Adobe Acrobat - Create PDF extension

(For more information, see Enable Create PDF extension for Mozilla Firefox) In Google Chrome, choose Customize menu > Settings and then click Extensions from the left pane

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